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Waterproof Bag

Waterproof Bag

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These reusable wet bags are designed to hold in the messiest of messes. Wet bags can be used at home or on the go and are a zero waste essential that can keep you organized and mess free!

Our wet bags are versatile, and can be used around the house to store dirty towels, cloth napkins or wipes. They are also popular for storing dirty cloth diapers. You can even keep them in the car to store trash.

  • Lined with PUL waterproof fabric which makes them durable and easy to wash. 
  • Zipper seal to contain messes and odors.
  • Side handle for easy hanging and storage at home or on the go.

Small measures about 10" x 12"

Large measures about 12" x 15"

Washing Instructions:

For small messes, simply turn inside out and wash by hand with soap and water.

For larger messes, wash on cold with like colors. Hang dry or use dryer on low heat. Do not iron.