About Us

In a nutshell, Salem Cloth Project sells reusable goods that do good. Our eco-friendly, reusable products are designed to help you reduce your household waste. Our simple designs, fun prints and environmentally friendly approach makes it easy for you to ditch disposables for good!

But we don't stop there. We are a women-run company that is all about community. We recognize that for many families, purchasing disposable diapers can be a significant burden. So we give a portion of our proceeds to provide free cloth diapers and other resources to families in need. 

We are handcrafted for community and sustainability. Handmade with love, in Salem, Oregon.

Our Story

Hi Friends! This is Kaileigh - Founder of Salem Cloth Project. I am a full-time environmental professional, proud mama of this little one and a passionate advocate for community and sustainability.

We began cloth diapering when Adleigh was about 3 weeks old and while we had some hiccups (which is to be expected when neither of you have EVER changed a diaper...) overall, it has been great option for us! So when I returned to work, I started calculating all of the diapers we had prevented from entering the garbage since she was born. That's when an idea hit me...working in the environmental field, I have a lot of information at my fingertips. I wanted to know how many disposable diapers go into the trash in our County every year.

10,000 tons. Let me repeat that for you - TEN THOUSAND TONS.

In that instance, my mind began working overtime. I thought to myself, right here is a tangible way we could be working to decrease our community's environmental footprint while at the same time, be helping families become more financially independent. 

The idea for Salem Cloth Project began in that moment. But it wasn't for another year before I decided to act on it. 

It wasn't until I received a free sewing machine from the Buy Nothing Project that I began crafting and making myself many of the products we now currently sell. I started giving them away as gifts and the demand was so high, I thought it could be the perfect way to raise money for my cloth diaper idea. 

And now, TA-DA! Here we are. 

My vision for Salem Cloth Project is that we can help millions of families reduce their household waste by selling our products - that we can employ and empower those with barriers to employment - AND that we can help millions  more make the switch to cloth diapers. Not only to reduce waste, but to alleviate the financial burden that comes from purchasing disposable products. My hope is that no family in Salem will have to choose between dinner and diapers.

How You Can Get Involved

  1. Shop With Us- Our store is growing and changing! We are expanding our range of products, and continue to find inspiration for new reusable and sustainable goods that you will love. We have committed to using at least 10% of the profits to help fund our free cloth diaper program. 
  2. Donate to our Free Cloth Diapers Program- You can donate to us right in our store. Select a specific amount of cloth diapers you'd like to help purchase, or just give whatever amount you want. 100% of these donations are put into our cloth diaper bank fund to purchase cloth diapers, supplies, and provide education to residents in Salem and Marion County.  
  3. Donate Used Cloth Diapers- If you have been wondering where to donate used cloth diapers, look no further! If you live locally, we can schedule a pick-up. If you are out of town or state and would prefer to ship your used cloth diapers, contact us and we will make that happen. Used cloth diapers need to be washed, but we can take care of sanitizing them before putting them in our Cloth Diaper Kits for families. 
  4. Volunteer Your Time and Skills- Visit our volunteer page for more information about how we need your help! 
  5. Follow and Share our Social Media- Help spread our message! Share our site on your social media pages, and make sure to give us a follow: