Our Impact

Cloth diapers may not be for everyone, but our goal is to make sure that they are available to anyone.

We provide free cloth diaper kits, cloth diaper education and resources to families and caregivers in Marion and Polk County, Oregon. Here is just a snapshot of our impact

salem cloth project 2021 impact data: 202 cloth diaper kits, 116 families, 3091 cloth diapers

For every family we serve, we can help save them $80 / month in disposable diaper related expenses. That is $960 / year. Over the course of their child’s time in diapers, that is roughly $2,880. 

In 2021, we helped our families save an estimated $16,160 / month in disposable diaper related expenses. 

In addition, for every family we serve, we can help prevent nearly 240 disposable diapers / month from being thrown away. 

waste reduction impact: prevented 48,480 disposable diapers from being thrown away a month

If you like what we do, please consider getting involved.

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