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Plastic Mailer Reuse Program

plastic mailer reuse program

Online purchasing has made shopping both convenient and safe. But one draw back to purchasing online is all of the plastic waste. Most packing materials are not recyclable including plastic bag and bubble mailers. 

Salem Cloth Project is committed to being a zero waste business and is passionate about reducing waste whenever possible. We are excited to announce that we are launching a plastic mailer reuse program. 

Collect your clean plastic mailers, ensuring there are no rips or tears and all personal information has been removed or blacked out and drop them off at the donation centers listed below. Salem Cloth Project will reuse these mailers to ship our products. 

By relying on materials that already exist and by promoting a circular economy we can begin to reduce our environmental footprint and save some of our most valuable resources.

Current Drop Off Locations

 NE Salem - 600 16th Street NE Salem, OR 97301